Scalea® by Cosentino is the brand that encompasses Cosentino Group’s entire range of natural stone products. Scalea® is a new way of understanding and working with materials. It is a commitment to innovation and creativity, to the most advanced designs and for the improvement of features.

Scalea is currently distributed on five continents, and architects and designers around the world have placed their trust in our stone for the most varied and complex projects that include airports, shopping centres, exhibition halls, residential buildings, villas, hotels, and so on.

Scalea is the name of the Italian town from where the Cosentino family originates. A comprehensive statement of intent: tradition, roots and commitment.

Various types are stone are grouped under the name Scalea:

  • Domestic and imported marbles
  • Slate
  • Basalt
  • Brazilian Granite
  • Travertine...


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