Sensa by Cosentino® is the brand in Cosentino’s line of granites with exclusive stain-resistant protection. A revolutionary new anti-stain treatment has now been added to granite’s well-known properties of high resistance, durability and low porosity. Sensa® granites repel liquids such as water and oil, offering highly effective protection against stains.

Maintenance-free granite

Highly stain resistant

Exclusive selection of colours

A protective treatment is applied to each slab of Sensa® by Cosentino at Cosentino’s modern facilities. This protection is covered by a 15-year guarantee.

The treatment given to Sensa is applied by means of a chemical bonding process, providing invisible protection that enables the granite to breathe. The treatment works by preventing penetration by any type of liquid into the granite while the properties of the stone, such as its colour, quality and finish remain unaltered for longer and with better results.

Sensa granites are NSF certified making them suitable for contact with food. They are also Greenguard certified and thus comply with the indoor air quality standards of the American Environmental Institute.

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