The Silestone Institute is an international platform devoted to creating awareness and studying hygiene in kitchens and bathrooms – in both public and private spaces – for the purpose of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Its spheres of activity centre on kitchens in the home, professional kitchens and other spaces related to the food industry and the hospitality sector.

The Silestone Institute focuses its activities on three main areas:


    Supporting and promoting research of antibacterial technologies.

    Making the public aware of the importance of hygiene in kitchens and bathrooms.

    Analysing and communicating current regulations.

It aims to give a broader view of the concept of health by focusing on other aspects – in addition to food safety – such as the choice of materials and furniture available for kitchens, space distribution, habits, relationships, and applied technologies.

The Institute’s Advisory Committee is made up of experts from different areas of food safety, professional cooking, scientific communication, cleaning products, architecture and design, etc., and the studies on offer are open to consumers, professionals, and the general public.

The book ’90 cm From the Floor’, published by the Silestone Institute, was chosen as one of the three best professional books in the world by the Gourmand International Awards. This handbook, based on the experience of top chefs, includes the latest trends from kitchens worldwide and focuses on the current culinary sector: contemporary cooking is becoming more and more multidisciplinary..

For more information, please visit the Silestone Institute’s website.

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